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Marshall Mayer

I develop and host Plone websites. Most websites are community oriented, whether on land or online, and I usually have a personal relationship with the content matter and authors.

I've been "retired" since the beginning of the financial crash. I have been traveling extensively and publishing a website,, of social comment photography about being an amateur "anthropologist" in America. I also co-created the Art Goes Postal website. Since Bernie Sanders entered the Democratic Party primary for president, I have been volunteering for the Democratic Socialists of America both nationally and locally (I've been a founding and lifetime member since 1982).

When I last worked for a living, I established LiveModern, Inc. in 2003, in order to publish LiveModern, the largest and fastest growing social network of its kind, and make modernism more accessible. I have extensive experience creating systems to connect consumers and producers in emerging markets. As the primary marketing and sales representative for Michelle Kaufmann Designs from 2003 through 2008, LiveModern established MKD as the market leader in modern, green, prefab housing in North America. 

Prior to establishing LiveModern, I was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of TechRocks. As the CEO of TechRocks, I was responsible for providing organizational leadership to a $2.7M national technology assistance nonprofit organization. I focused on creating database technologies for internet organizing and provided leadership to a national network of staff, database developers and social change nonprofits to create the next version of ebase.

While at TechRocks, I also helped start several national initiatives to accelerate nonprofit access to technology, including NTENNOSI and TechAtlas. During the heady days of the internet's hyperbolic growth, funding for this work also rapidly rose.

Once that movement was flourishing and nonprofits had much better access to the tools and techniques that are second nature to business, I started looking for another social cause to help jump start. LiveModern was it!

Prior to founding TechRocks, I founded and directed Desktop Assistance, one of the first nonprofits in the country to provide mission-specific technology assistance to nonprofits. In previous lives, I have been a community and political organizer, a chef and a "French service" waiter, a finish carpenter, a professional photographer and a college professor teaching photography, not necessarily in that order.

I was awarded a Bachelor of Arts by The Colorado College in 1974, and a Master of Fine Arts by the University of California at San Diego in 1981. I live in Helena, MT with my life partner. We have one son who also lives in Helena, but no longer living with us :).

For more information, see my resume, or contact me.


We will develop a portlet that finds the three notes taken nearest you. For example:

Fracking Creates Temporary Housing

Alexander, ND  USA

Renters Not Buying New Pickup Trucks

Cut Bank, MT  USA

Energy Production Generates Unintended Consequences

Colstrip, MT  USA

why and how

What we witness may not be "newsworthy" but that doesn't mean we shouldn't attract attention.


Take note, and take notes.