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There's no way like the American Way

There's no way like the American Way

note taken by An Anonymous Note-Taker on July 11, 2014 at 2:55 pm at a Red Cross Relief Station, Louisville, KY USA.

This note is just a place holder for demonstration purposes: you can add your notes to this website anonymously, or under your own name. Contact us. Originally titled, "The Louisville Flood," this note was actually taken by Margaret Bourke-White in 1937.

We will develop a portlet that finds the three notes taken nearest you. For example:

Fracking Creates Temporary Housing

Alexander, ND  USA

Renters Not Buying New Pickup Trucks

Cut Bank, MT  USA

Energy Production Generates Unintended Consequences

Colstrip, MT  USA

why and how

What we witness may not be "newsworthy" but that doesn't mean we shouldn't attract attention.


Take note, and take notes.